A Set Style Carbide Blade for Difficult to Cut Metals

    May 07, 2008

    LENOX, a name synonymous with technologically advanced band saw blades and fluids, introduces the new TRI-TECH CT™ Band Saw Blade designed for cutting large cross-sections or difficult to machine metals. The TRI-TECH CT blade is extremely versatile in its ability to cut a wide range of materials from high strength steels to nickel-based alloys.

    The TRI-TECH CT blade has a set style tooth pattern that is specifically designed to cut straight and eliminate the pinching that can occur when cutting high stress metals like Inconel® and other Super Alloys. The high grade carbide tips are precision ground for efficient cutting while maintaining a balanced work load between the teeth. The proprietary tooth geometry of TRI-TECH CT creates three thick chips with each pass, making a more productive cut by keeping the blade moving through work hardened materials. The high performance backing steel goes through a detailed preparation process that minimizes body breakage and extends the life of the blade.

    "The TRI-TECH CT blade has a number of technological advancements and an extremely durable design to prolong the life of the blade," said Matthew Lacroix, Senior Product Manager, LENOX. "The blade′s versatility allows it to cut a variety of materials with ease, making it ideal for high production manufacturing facilities that cut large cross sections or difficult to machine metals. The increased productivity delivers the results expected from a high-performance carbide blade."

    TRI-TECH CT is available at LENOX distributors and comes in fourteen specifications ranging from 1¼" to 3" in width. Two new TPI configurations make it possible to cut these high stress metals in an even wider range of sizes.