New LENOX Bi-Metal Utility Bit is Tougher than Nails

    Sep 18, 2007

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. — LENOX, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools, torches, solder and band saw blades, introduces the world′s first bi-metal wood boring bit. Designed to power through wood quickly and easily, the new LENOX Bi-Metal Utility Bit is the most durable wood boring bit available due to its unique bi-metal construction.

    When drilling holes through wood, a professional will often unexpectedly run into a nail. Nail encounters frequently cause catastrophic failure for small diameter wood boring bits. The spurs and cutting edges of typical spade bits and wood boring bits are apt to wear or break when hitting a nail, rendering the tool useless. This latest wood bit from LENOX is the only one on the market with cutting edges made of bi-metal, the same material used to make reciprocating saw blades and band saw blades. The high speed steel cutting edges give the LENOX Bi-Metal Utility Bit incredible durability and long cutting edge life. What′s more, because the edges are made of bi-metal, they can be sharpened with a LENOX Diamond File.

    The unique three-flute design allows the bit to cut faster. The LENOX Bi-Metal Utility Bit has three cutting edges to enhance the removal of chips for a fast, clean hole. The self-feeding tip allows the user to effortlessly power the bit through tough materials, which reduces fatigue. Other features that make this bit more durable and versatile than any other are its compact length, designed to fit in between studs in common cordless drills; and its thick 3/8" shank, making it more robust for rough-in work. The bit is designed to provide the ultimate utility for professional users performing well in virtually all materials and professional applications.

    "There has been little to no innovation in wood drilling over the past several years, yet wood boring drill bits are used in almost every trade, and these users have long expressed a need for a bit that gets through nails without breaking," said Anna Whitton, senior product manager for drilling at LENOX. "LENOX was the first company to use bi-metal technology over 25 years ago for its reciprocating saw blades to make them last longer and cut faster. Now we′re dramatically improving the durability and performance of wood drilling products with the same technology to help professionals do their jobs faster and easier."

    LENOX Bi-Metal Utility Bits are available at LENOX distributors nationwide.