LENOX Introduces Tough T2 Technology™ for Reciprocating Saw Blades

    Oct 16, 2008

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. September 29, 2008 — LENOX®, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools, torches, solder and band saw blades, announces the introduction of LENOX T2 Technology reciprocating saw blades. This revolutionary new blade design delivers up to 100% longer blade life and 25% faster performance in metal cutting applications versus the prior generation of LENOX reciprocating saw blades. The new technology is applied to the entire range of metal cutting reciprocating saw blades including LENOX Gold™, LAZER™ and Bi-Metal.

    Each T2 Technology blade features optimized tooth geometry for each unique TPI [tooth per inch] specification. The patent-pending design is optimized to minimize friction and heat build-up when cutting through the widest variety of metal materials.

    The LENOX T2 Technology minimizes heat build-up by improving cutting efficiency which in-turn eliminates premature tooth dulling and blade failure. T2′s design prolongs blade life and produces a much faster cut – ultimately leading to higher productivity by spending more time cutting and less time changing blades.

    "The T2 blade eliminates a reciprocating blade′s worst enemy, excessive heat build-up," states Web Shaffer, Sr. Product Manager, LENOX. "But we don′t want users to just take our word for it. Try it for yourself – cut something to feel the difference between the LENOX T2 Technology and all other blades on the market. We are confident you will feel the difference right away!"

    LENOX T2 Technology reciprocating blades are the best performing blades for cutting metal materials encountered by trade professionals on jobsites including black pipe, angle iron, threaded rod, uni-strut and electrical metal tubing [EMT]. Independent lab testing verifies that LENOX T2 Technology recips offer dramatically longer blade life and faster cutting performance than competitors′ blades.

    LENOX T2 Technology reciprocating saw blades are sold through electrical, plumbing, HVAC, industrial distributors nationwide.